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Things To Consider Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

November 15, 2017

Eyelash extensions are becoming more and more popular these days – and do you know why? In this article, we are going to provide in depth information about eyelash extensions: what makes them a popular choice when it comes to cosmetic transformations, and the different things to consider before getting an eyelash extension done.

Let’s start!

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions is a service that you can get done from different aesthetic specialists in order to enhance your lashes. Chances are you have already heard about its predecessor, falsies or fake eyelashes. These are fake eyelashes usually made from synthetic material which you can attach to your lash line using a special lash glue that usually comes with the false eyelashes. They can be bought from drug stores or cosmetic boutique shops and you can attach them on your own at home. They are cheap and come in disposable variants.

The down side of this though is that while they are cheap, you would need to attach them every day. Having said this, they can get detached easily – even in the middle of the day! And they don’t look as natural.

These are a few reasons why a lot of people prefer to get eyelash extensions instead.

The Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

One of the first benefits of getting eyelash extensions is that you won’t need to attach them every day anymore. These extensions last from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. Did you know that you only need to get an initial service done and you can preserve your lash extensions by getting fillers every few weeks? In this way, you would get to preserve your lashes and get a cheaper price since all you need are fillers.

If you’re thinking of getting the procedure done and you are asking where to get eyelash extensions near me? You would be pleasantly surprised to learn that there are a lot of establishments offering this already. You can find it anywhere, even say, eyelash extensions in Westlake Village California.

Also, attaching false eyelashes on your own every day eats up a lot of time. Free yourself from this burden by getting eyelash extensions. Doing so would even free you of putting on mascara too! Just think about the convenience this brings when you need to travel. While a mascara tube does not occupy too much space, cleansers and pads do. With eyelash extensions, you won’t need to bring these things anymore. It’s so convenient.

Finally, eyelash extensions look more natural. Get that pin-up look with just a red lipstick on, or better yet go au natural and turn heads with your no makeup look!

Things You Need To Know About Getting Eyelash Extensions

  1. Eyelash extensions, how long do they last? The secret behind the natural look of eyelash extensions is the fact that each lash is applied individually by hand. This is done by gluing them on top of your natural lashes as extensions. In line with this, your extensions will fall out the same way your natural lashes would which ranges from six to eight weeks. All natural lashes would fall off eventually. Hence, lash extensions fall off eventually too.
  2. The final look of your eyelash extensions totally depends on your own choices. Eyelash extensions come in different variants, and it’s all up to you to decide which ones you’re going to get according to your needs. It all starts with the material. There are different kinds of eyelash extensions according to the materials it is made of. There’s mink, silk, and synthetic. Mink is the most natural looking and therefore most expensive. But don’t underestimate the others! There are synthetic variants for instance that can provide the same look as mink, and the eyelash extension costs just the same. The next thing to decide is the number of lashes to put on. This would determine the density. Note: the more lashes, the more full your lashes will be, the sexier it will look. The number ranges from 80 to 100+. There are also different kinds of curl. The curliest your lashes are, the more doll like it would look. Finally, there are different kinds of lengths. It ranges from 8mm to 14mm. Different combinations lead to different looks so be sure to talk your choices over with your lash extension technician and look at eyelash extension before and after pictures, to get the look you want.
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  1. Longer lashes does not necessarily mean fuller lashes. In fact, it is quite the opposite since longer lashes tend to extend and branch out further from each other. Hence, if you want longer lashes, be prepared to get more extensions put on to get that full look.
  2. It is important to lay low for the next twelve hours after the application to ensure longevity and the safety of your eyes. The reason is because sweat, tears, and water could dissolve the glue and not get it to dry right. Once this happens, your eyelash extensions would not just fall off, but the dissolved glue could also cause irritation and eye infection!
  3. It makes eye makeup unnecessary, yet more challenging to apply (if needed). As what was already mentioned, getting eyelash extensions would make your eyes pop without the need for mascara or eyeliner. But if you do need to apply eyeliner, then having them on makes it challenging! The curve of the lashes gets in the way in seeing where to apply your eyeliner, and cleansers would dissolve the glue.
  4. Finally, your eyes will never look the same after getting an extension done, which is both a good and a bad thing. The good thing is that they will look more fabulous and you will feel more confident regardless if you have makeup on or not. The down side is the fact that once the eyelash extensions fall off and you are back to your natural lashes, they will look shorter to you. Not that they got damaged during the procedure, only that getting used with the extensions might make you forget how they originally look in the first place. This is also the reason why getting eyelash extensions can get addicting!

In the end, the decision is still up to you. Others still prefer not getting the procedure done only because they enjoy the regular ritual of putting eye makeup on. While others prefer extensions because they don’t enjoy it as much. How about you? Would you want to get eyelash extensions done?

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