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Women Getting Scalp Botox? You Would Not Believe Their Reason For It!

December 1, 2017

To be honest, especially if you are going to ask around, why many women would want to get scalp Botox injections, most of them would say that they would not know what to feel about it. Even other physicians find the procedure rather unusual.

So Why Would Women Have Botox Injected Into Their Scalp In The First Place?

Well, we asked some women who had this procedure before (and most of them are still getting the treatment done every now and then) why they opted to have Botox injected into their scalp. And while they gave us different reasons why they had the procedure done, they all had a common denominator. Sweat.

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You read it right, sweat. Sweaty hair which has a tendency to mess up their ‘do every time they engage in any rigorous activity (both physical and social) like working out, going out with the girls, outdoor events like barbecues, etc. leaving them to wonder whether they should limit their activities and adjust their workout routines just to take control of the sweaty situation, or simply get the procedure done so that it’s over and done with, until the next scheduled treatment.

So what is this treatment that we’re talking about?It’s getting their scalp injected with the popular wrinkle eraser, Botox. The effect of this procedure, according to those who have already undergone treatment, is nothing short of a miracle. They can work out and party all night long without worrying for their hair getting messed up by sweat.

In fact this Botox trend gained so much attention and popularity worldwide that even, Us Weekly itself, dubbed scalp Botox as “Blotox” short for Botox protecting your blow dry.

Dr. Michelle Henry

Dr. Michelle Henry

(Image from

In an interview with Us Weekly, Dr. Michelle Henry a renowned dermatologist told them that she has been practicing scalp Botox or Blotox with her patients for almost eight years now. According to her, more and more of her patients are now working out more frequently (and more confidently!) since they are no longer afraid of getting their hairstyle ruined by sweat.

Dr Natasha Cook

Dr. Natasha Cook

(Image from–natasha-cook—dermatologist.html)

Another known physician, Dr. Natasha Cook who is a laser, cosmetic and surgical dermatologist, from Sydney, who also happens to be the spokesperson of the Australasian College of Dermatologists, said that she has performed scalp botox herself to people who have “hyperhidrosis” or those who suffer from the excessive sweating of the scalp. According to her, patients who have hyperdhidrosis find their condition debilitating, hence getting their scalp injected with Botox helps a lot in treating their condition which substantially improves their quality of living.

If You Don’t Have Hyperhidrosis, Is It Wise To Get Botox In Your Scalp?

Should by happenstance that you do not have hyperhidrosis and you want to have this procedure done to your scalp for vanity’s sake, well experts say that it’s up to you. You simply have to consider the following: first are the potential risks, which, fortunately for us, is extremely low; the pain, which is described as a small stinging sensation due to the injection; the cost, which varies from clinic to clinic; and finally, the doctor, because in the end, you absolutely need one you can trust, one who is board-certified, and one who already has a lot of experience up his sleeves.

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