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The Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment Gives a Glimmer of Hope for Cancer Patients

December 15, 2017

If there is one thing that most cancer patients have in common, aside from the challenge that is cancer, it is the mark that radiation treatment leaves in the body. We are not talking about hair or weight loss. We are talking about literal marks – the black dots, 4 millimeter in size, which served as radiation markers placed on the body in order to align the dose of radiation that the body receives every treatment procedure. These dots are vital since they ensure that the body receives a radiation dose right at the same exact target every single session.

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For everyone, cancer is definitely a life-changing experience, something from which everyone can learn a lot from, but at the same time, everyone would not want to relive.

The different people who have suffered and luckily escaped its death grip share different opinions. For some the black dots serve as badges of honor, a scar from a triumphant battle. For some though, the dots serve as remnants, visual memories from a nightmare they’d rather forget. Something that they won’t to see staring back at them whenever they look at a mirror. Something that they’d rather not talk about when it struck a conversation at a crowded party because it is visible when you wear a low-necked top.

For these people who think otherwise about these spots, have hope. There is now a way to erase these dots from your body, and that is by getting a laser tattoo removal treatment.

There’s only one problem now.

Insurance companies do not cover the cost of this procedure as they are considered a cosmetic need, regardless of the holistic well-being this gives to cancer patients.

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Dr. Stephen Chagares

Fortunately, Stephen Chagares of Tinton Falls, is conducting a program together with a plastic surgery practice in order to provide this treatment to cancer patients at no cost!

Apparently the Plastic Surgery Center in Shrewsbury had recently acquired a high-speed laser that allows to reduce the number of tattoo removal sessions from a dozen to three.

According to Chagares, these marks don’t only serve as unfortunate reminders of cancer, but they also give away confidential health information to other people without meaning to. Through the program, cancer patients and survivors will be able to go back to their normal lives without these visual markers.

As far as Chagares knows, this is still the only program in the country to provide such services, and he hopes that this cause inspires other people across the state to join them.

We, on the other hand, personally hope that this cause spreads worldwide, allowing people across the globe to avail of such services. Most people don’t consider these kinds of treatment vital, rather, they are looked upon as a stroke of vanity. Let us remember though that the very objective of healing is not only to rid the body of its physical ailment but to improve the overall quality of life of the patient. We wish everyone the best of health!

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