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Things to Consider Before Getting Laser Hair Removal

December 28, 2017

The laser hair removal treatment is all the rave right now because it promises one thing: no more hair growth in the future. Sounds miraculous isn’t it? While the no hair thing is actually attainable, there is more to this hair removal procedure than just the waving of a magical hair removal light saber. If you want to learn more, then read along.

It involves lasers, obviously. Special ones.

A trip to a derma clinic would enlighten you on how advance we already are in terms of laser technology. There’s a laser for everything! From skin renewal to laser hair removal. The laser that we’re talking about though was specifically designed to damage and kill hair follicles straight at their roots so they don’t grow again.

You must wear eye protection!

Image of a lady undergoing laser skin removal Treatment, Setiba Aesthetics Group, Blog

You might not feel any pain, just a prickly sensation from the light and heat, but it doesn’t mean that this laser can’t do nasty things to your eyes, because it can and it will if you don’t wear proper eye protection. Don’t worry, your laser specialist will provide one. If he or she doesn’t then that’s a cue for you to leave.

This hair removal treatment is not a full-body thing.

There’s only so much laser light and heat that the body can absorb so if the laser “specialist” cuts you a nice and “affordable” deal to do your whole body in just a single session, then you should run the other way and quick. Laser hair removal can be used for any part of the body, though – legs, underarms, bikini area you name it. Just not all at once.

The laser hair removal treatment is not a one-time thing.

Image of a lady undergoing skin treatment, Setiba Aesthetics Group, Blog

Speaking of all at once, the laser hair removal treatment is not a one-time thing. It will take a few sessions before you start seeing the results you want.

The sun is not your friend before or after treatment.

Image of sun, Setiba Aesthetics Group, Blog

There’s a reason why more people get this treatment done during fall or winter, not only because it’s a good time to get your beach bod ready for summer time. This is also because you can’t get this treatment done if you skin is sun burned or even a little tan. This means that you need to stay away from the sun for at least a month before getting treated. And don’t think you can get away with a spray tan or tanning lotion. Read: No tanning!

Finally, stay away from the heat after treatment as well. It might not feel like your skin is in a sensitive spot, but it is. So you need to take care of it by putting on lots of sunscreen.

Is the whole experience worth it?

Image of Before Image of person undergoing hair treatment, Setiba Aesthetics Group, Blog


Image of a person after undergoing hair removal treatment, Setiba Aesthetics Group, Blog


The final question really is this: will everything be all worth it in the end? The answer is yes. It certainly will be. Of course, a few strands here and there will still grow back in the future, but they will be thinner and lighter, and definitely less noticeable. If going through a few sessions of laser hair removal treatment is all that it takes for a lifetime of not worrying about stubbles and waxing and five o’clock shadow, then sign me up!

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