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Image of a lady undergone Restylane treatment, Setiba Aethetics Group, Blog

The Future of Restylane: Say Goodbye to Needles!

February 2, 2018

Restylane is one of the biggest names in the cosmetic industry when it comes to dermal fillers and lip augmentation. You have probably heard of one or both of the Restylane variants which are Restylane Lyft and Restylane Silk.

Restylane Lyft Vs Restylane Silk

Image of Lady showing the Restylane lift treatment, Setiba Aesthetics Group, Blog

Image from https://www.plasticsurgerysource.com/spa/restylane-lyft.cfm

Although they are both Restylane and both fillers, Restylane Lyft and Restylane Silk are two very different products. They are both made from the same component which is hyaluronic acid, but both of them were formulated for two different objectives. Restylane Lyft, for instance, was made to address gaps in the skin such as loss of volume, skin folds, and deep wrinkles. These gaps happen due to aging, but filling it with Restylane Lyft will give one’s face a fresh start with renewed volume, less sagging, and significantly less wrinkles.

Image of a lady enjoying the nature, Setiba Aesthetics Group, Blog

Image from https://www.drspey.com/cosmetic-dermatology/injectable-treatments/restylane-silk.html

Restylane Silk, on the other hand, is formulated specifically for lip augmentation. Fancy plump lips like Angelina Jolie’s or Megan Fox’s? Unfortunately for a lot of us, only a few are born with lips like a goddess, but because of Restylane Silk, those plump puckers are not impossible to achieve anymore. We all have a chance to get those lips worthy of a pin-up model.

From Needle to Tube

Before, in order to achieve these lippies, Restylane Silk was injected using a good ol’ needle. While the needle does the trick, its sharp tip can sometimes cause damage to blood vessels, and can therefore lead to bruising and swelling.

Hence, an update has been done on the process. Instead of using a needle, Restylane Silk can also now be applied using a cannula.

Image of a person undergoing microneedling treatment, Setiba Aesthetics Group, Blog

Image from https://www.medistudents.com/en/learning/osce-skills/cardiovascular/intravenous-cannulation

What is a cannula, you ask? A cannula is a small tube with a blunt tip. It’s also the same thing used in liposuctions to suck out the fat. This time though, it’s going to be used the other way around – to put more volume in. Because of the blunt tip, it can cause less damage as compared with the needle, and therefore, less inflammation.

Another major advantage is that the results are said to look more natural as compared with the needle-applied treatment. If compared with other dermal filler treatments, lip augmentation is actually more challenging since the mouth, more specifically the lips, is more exposed to a lot of physical movement brought about by eating, talking, and other mouth-related physical activities, so to speak.

What Happens Now?

For fans of the needle, there is no need to fret. The needle is still the primary tool when it comes to lip augmentation, but cannula is also a viable option now for those who wish to thread that route. Just be sure to discuss the different options with your plastic surgeon in order to explore all the possibilities and get the type of treatment best for you.  Remember that each of us have different goals and needs, so it is always best to have a thorough check-up before any procedure, which will also serve as the perfect time to ask all your questions and address all your concerns before getting your dream lips.

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