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Laser Hair Removal For Men And Women

March 1, 2018

Hair removal treatments, like laser hair removal have always been popular. Who wants to be burdened with unwanted hair, after all? If removing unwanted hair is what you want, then there are certainly a number of choices you can make. There’s the old fashioned shaving and tweezing, (not-so-painless) waxing, and of course, there’s laser hair removal.

The laser hair removal treatment makes use of the advanced technology of lasers. There are a lot of different lasers used for aesthetic purposes already – for scar removal, tattoo removal, skin resurfacing, and more. Today, though, we are going to focus on laser hair removal.

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How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

It works by directing a beam of light into the target area. This beam of light will then convert into heat energy after entering the skin, reach the layer where hair grows with the objective of damaging the hair follicles and inhibit their growth.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment for Women

Women go through different lengths in order to rid themselves of unwanted hair. Some meticulously tweeze the underarm area regularly just to make sure that not even a single strand remains. Some prefer waxing as a faster option, ridding themselves of the cumbersome chore with the help of a waxing strip (or waxing services at a spa or skin center).

These different hair removal options have consequences, though. Shaving, for instance, may cause ingrown hair and skin irritation. Waxing not only hurts, but one would also need to wait for the hair to grow up to a certain length before you can get the procedure done. And that means no sleeveless shirts until the next waxing session. But come on, no one really wants that, right? It’s uncomfortable and inconvenient.

Fortunately for us, we have another option – laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is not only painless (as compared to waxing), but it also opens the possibility to a permanent solution. Here are a few ways where laser treatment can help women:

Image of a lady undergoing microneedling, Setiba Aesthetics Group, Blog

1.To remove facial hair. Facial hair is very detrimental to any woman’s confidence. But thanks to laser hair treatment options, women burdened with this problem can now say goodbye to their facial hair for good. Each session usually takes only fifteen minutes long. And unlike waxing, there’s no required hair length before each session so shaving can be performed in between sessions.

Image of a lady undergoing laser treatment, Setiba Aesthetics Group, Laser Hair Removal

2. To remove underarm hair. Wear sleeveless tops more confidently. Laser hair treatment works really well with underarm hair and usually only takes five minutes per session.

Image of a lady after undergoing Kybella treatment, Setiba Aesthetics Group, Blog

3. To remove unwanted hair in the bikini area. Getting waxed down there is not only painful, it’s also awkward and uncomfortable. Spare yourself from this hassle by letting a laser take care of all the unwanted hair down there. And while it can take a while before ALL the hair permanently disappear, there will be less and less hair after every session.

Image of a lady undergoing laser hair removal treatment, Setiba Aesthetics Group, Blog

4. To get smoother legs. Get into that beautiful summer dress without any worries. Laser hair treatments for the legs might take longer as compared to the other procedures and areas mentioned above (it can take up to more than an hour long), but it’s still pretty worth it since the results are permanent. Think of all the time and effort you’ll be saving in the long-term.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment For Men

Who ever said that laser hair removal treatments are only good for women? Men need to take care of their unwanted hair too. In fact, a lot of men rank the removal of unwanted hair on top of their grooming needs.

What’s even worse is that men usually resort to shaving and tweezing because some of them are not comfortable going to the skin center to get a professional hair removal treatment done. But…there are simply parts of the body one can’t reach, so they are forced to suffer through this regularly just to maintain annoying back hair. But because of laser hair removal technology, there is now a possibility for men to eliminate this problem permanently. In fact, laser hair removal treatments can help men in a variety of ways. Here they are:

Image of a person showing men's facial hair, Setiba Aesthetics Group, Blog

1. To remove facial hair. Facial hair for men may not be as big a problem as compared to the issues caused by unwanted facial hair in women, but it doesn’t mean that men are not burdened by it. Depending on an individual’s hair growth rate, a man would need to shave on a regular basis in order to maintain that clean shaven look and doing so could cause different skin problems like ingrown hair and irritation. Hence, if you are absolutely sure you DON’T want to grow a beard in the future, or a sexy moustache, then the laser hair removal treatment is the one for you.

Image of before and after images of person undergone hair removal treatment, Setiba Aesthetics Group, Blog

2. To remove back hair. If facial hair is a normal occurrence for men and can easily be tolerated, back hair on the other hand, can prove to be a curse especially since it is so hard to reach. It is virtually impossible to groom on your own! Laser hair removal treatments, in multiple sessions, can help you achieve a more permanent solution to that problem.

Image of before and after images of a paerson undergone hair removal treatment, Setiba Aesthetics Group, Blog

3. To get rid of chest hair. Let’s face it, chest hair can be pretty embarrassing. Not only that, it can also be challenging to groom because of the size of the area needed to be treated. Waxing is not a very comfortable option, and other ways of hair removal may cause irritation. Chest hair grows so fast anyway, so it can be frustrating to remove sometimes. Again, laser hair treatment is a more viable option when it comes to freeing yourself from chest hair pains.

Image of a person undergone male public hair removal treatment, Setiba Aesthetics Group, Blog

4. To free yourself down there. Women are not the only ones who want to liberate themselves from hair growth in the genital area. A lot of men want less hair growth down there as well. For those who want to skip waxing, laser hair removal can grant that smooth, clean, look (and feel) forever.

Laser hair removal treatment is truly amazing and everyone, regardless of their gender, can benefit from it.

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