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How Effective is Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

June 14, 2019

Skincare remains to be one of the most important topics for women. People have resorted to Korean, France, or even American skincare routines. However, there are times when they would go as far as go through a radio frequency skin tightening procedure.

One thing that this procedure does is make the skin look younger. When you first hear this term, one of the things that usually comes to your mind is whether or not procedure is actually effective. In this article, we are going to explore that possibility.

What Is Radio Frequency Skin Tightening?

When it comes to tightening one’s skin, you usually have two options. One is the surgical approach while the other one revolves around the non-surgical one which is often the more popular option.

Surgical operations are expensive not to mention complicated to go through. With non-surgical operations, however, most of the time, you will need the help of radio frequency. Meanwhile, other options are also available but radio frequency skin tightening appears to be one of the best alternatives.

If we were to talk about results, surgery is the one that can provide the best outcomes. By removing a few tissues, one can achieve their desired results.

The only problem with surgery is that it’s a lot more invasive compared to radio frequency skin tightening. This means that it is not a suitable option for most people. Some people don’t like invasive treatments, others try to avoid an over-tightening look, and the rest just aren’t good candidates for surgery.

How Does Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Work?

The device used for this kind of procedure utilizes heat to deliver enough energy to the skin. When it comes to radio frequency skin tightening, there are a lot of instruments available for experts to choose from but all of them delivers the same results. The only difference is their way of exerting energy into your skin.

Heat is the key to achieve the degree of skin tightening that you want.

It was discovered that if collagen is heated two events occur. First, there will be a tightening in the fibers of the collagen and second, the cells within the area will be stimulated into producing more collagen.

There are two areas of the skin where collagen is found which are the dermis and the fat layer of the skin.  The latter is what provides support to the dermis area of the skin.

With that, when the collagen is heated, your skin will tighten because of the contraction as well as formation of new collagen.

These days, there are already lots of innovation when it comes to radio frequency skin tightening but among the pioneering technologies are Thermage and ThermiTight.


Thermage is known to be one of the first category in radio frequency skin tightening. The process starts with the delivery of radio frequency from the outside of the skin up until it goes deep inwards.


Image of stomach tightening after treatment, Setiba Aesthetic Group, Blog


Image of after image of stomach undergone radi frequency skin tightening treatment, Setiba Aesthetics Group, Blog

(Before and After images from

First, a treatment tip is applied to the skin. Once the expert pulls the trigger, a certain amount of radio frequency is sent to the inner skin.

A sophisticated protocol is used to heat the skin to a particular temperature and at a specific depth. This results to collagen production as well as skin tightening.

After going through a Thermage procedure, there is no need to get into a recovery process because no part of the external or internal skin was damaged.


ThermiTight is the first skin tightening procedure to use probe insertion below the surface of the skin for the delivery of radio frequency.

This allows radio frequency to hit not just the dermis but also the deeper collagen fiber. Because of this, some experts believe that ThermiTight is effective not just in giving the skin a deep tighten in the tissues but also in the external and inner dermis.

The skin is gradually monitored to make sure that the radio frequency is giving the skin enough heat but not enough to give the skin a burn.


Apart from ThermiTight and Thermage, there are still a whole bunch of skin tightening procedures that makes use of radio frequency. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough data and research about them yet for us to discuss their differences and how each of them can be more effective than the other.

Aside from radio frequency, there are also other procedures that use a different energy such as Infrared and ultrasounds energy.

They pretty much give the same result. The only difference is the light source. With that, radio frequency skin tightening is believed to be the safest approach among all other skin tightening procedures.

Meanwhile, there is still one question that remains. Is radio frequency skin tightening as effective as people say it is?

The Efficacy of Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Most devices used in radio frequency skin tightening have limited scientific data. So far, Thermage is the single skin tightening procedure that have the most research and studies.

Most clinical reports would illustrate that clients get mild up to moderate result when they go through Thermage for radio frequency skin tightening.

There was one study that tried to quantify the efficacy of Thermage. Based on the result of that study, after one treatment, the client found 20 percent improvement on his skin.

However, when that study was done, it was common for people to only take the treatment once. These days, experts recommend people to take the treatment thrice every three months. With that, it is believed that Thermage have become more effective compared to the first time it was introduced to people.

Overall Result

Overall, most patients believe that ThermiTight is more effective in providing improvement to one’s skin. However, it might still depend on the condition and skin type of the person going through the procedure.

Whether or not the patients get modest or average result, he will still benefit from radio frequency skin tightening through collagen production.

There are times when the amount of collagen produced isn’t enough to tighten the skin but the latter is still necessary to slow the signs of aging.

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