Non-Surgical Facial Feminization Benefits

June 18, 2020

Nowadays, there are many procedures either surgical or non-surgical that many turn to when looking to enhance or alter their appearance. One type of facial procedure includes facial feminization surgery. There are also non-invasive facial feminization treatments that do not include surgery. Liquid facial feminization is another name for this. Just like facial feminization surgery, this works to make the face more feminine by altering bone structure and features. In this post, we will provide information about non-surgical facial feminization benefits. We start by sharing what facial feminization surgery is.

What is Facial Feminization Surgery

Facial feminization surgery, abbreviated as FFS is a surgery focusing on cosmetic tempering of one’s facial features. Healthline states that, “the goal is to soften masculinized features into a shape more typically recognized as feminine. FFS commonly pursued by transgender women or assigned male at birth (AMAB) non-binary trans people. It can appeal to cisgender women as well”. The surgery is specific to each person’s wants and needs by design. Areas to focus on can include anywhere on the face and neck but generally, focus on nose structure or bone structure. “Soft tissue work, such as face-lifts and neck lifts, can be incorporated when necessary”. Again, each procedure and Results decide between the patient and the surgeon itself. 


One method of Facial Feminization Surgery includes injections such as Botox. It is very commonly used to smooth out skin by eliminating wrinkles or fine lines by using injections. They make the face more feminine through their smoothing technique. Many use botox to halt signs of aging. Many transgender women use botox for facial feminization as placing the injections in specific places creates desired Results. It is both an artistic and medical skill. To make sure you select a qualified surgeon, always research the clinic or technician by reading their reviews and ratings. 

Dermal Fillers: 

Another technique includes Non-Surgical facial feminization using derma fillers. Dermal fillers combat areas of the face that may appear hollow to add volume. They provide an overall fuller look. Dermal fillers that use hyaluronic acid are very popular due to the current trend of having fuller lips. To plump and add lip volume, many turn to dermal fillers. They provide more volume to the nose, cheeks, or forehead and can reduce sunken under-eye appearances. For wrinkles and fine lines, dermal fillers are also a great option. Dermal fillers for transgenders in Los Angeles have also become increasingly popular as they feminize facial features plus contours. Overall, they provide a softer and fuller look to the face. 

Peels + Microneedling:

Non-surgical procedures that can smooth out one’s face texture include facial peels or micro-needling. One type of facial peel is a TCA chemical facial peel. This peel used trichloroacetic acid. As this acid is non-toxic, this procedure is very popular at LGBTQ friendly skin clinics in Westlake Village. The peel provides rejuvenated and smooth skin for a fresh, vibrant, and more feminine look. Microneedling Facial in Westlake Village is also great for the skin. This procedure uses a derma roller with very small needles that roll against the skin. Upon pricking the skin, it increases blood flow and new collagen for firmer and smoother skin. It can treat wrinkles or scars. Using both of these procedures in non-surgical facial feminization surgery can be helpful. 

Focus Areas:

Many are drawn to restructuring their jawline and jaw contouring. If comparing male facial features to female facial features, most men have larger and wider jaws compared to women. Male jawlines often consider to look ‘square’ while many women have a rounder or more pointed facial jaw. Jaw contouring which is also referred to as jaw reduction or tapering is in facial feminization surgery. The jaw bone is restructured during this. It is often shaved to reduce and sharpen the jawline and overall facial contour.

Considering to enhance facial features with a more feminine look. Most often, these Results are subtle and natural-looking for facial gender surgery. Other areas may choose to focus on including the brows and the cheeks. Brows can become softer to look more feminine through botox. You can create arches and restructure the brows, especially with straighter shaped eyebrows. For cheeks, many technicians use fillers for additional volume. When done correctly, the cheeks can be meticulously and mechanically structured for a fuller and more contoured look. One can achieve cheekbones and greater definition with cheek fillers. 

Many feel more confident and simply more like themselves after receiving facial feminization surgery or non-surgical facial feminization procedures. Instead of feeling uncomfortable in their body, many transgender women start feeling confident in their bodies and appearance. From Non-Surgical facial feminization using dermal learning about jaw contouring, we hope you found this post helpful on your journey with facial feminization. For more information and to learn about our services or treatments, visit our site here. 

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