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Plexr is a non-surgical treatment method that helps lift eyelids and combat wrinkles. Cosmetic surgeons can use it as an alternative to surgical procedures, such as blepharoplasty. Plexr procedures focus on implementing a plasma arc, which leads the skin to tighten over the course of several weeks.

Plexr delivers a wide array of treatments that range from skin lifting to blemish removal. By using plasma technology, this approach helps you get rid of wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, dark spots, and tattoos. Through this approach, you can easily achieve your goals of flaunting rejuvenated skin that steers clear of imperfections. 


Through a process of sublimation, which is a process of turning solid into a gas without turning it into the water during the process. When we Plexrize, we apply 36,032 F Plasma Short Bursts over the skin.

Plexr treatments are convenient and quick. A topical anesthetic cream is applied prior to the treatment and the treatment time depends on the area being treated, but typically it’s between 20min and 30min. When comparing a Plexr treatment to the cost of traditional, open surgery, it is about 50 – 75% less.
The results should last as long as they would with invasive surgery. The results can last you years depending on the area treated. The positive effects of treatment will be noticeable immediately after the first treatment, but the best results will be seen after weeks.

  • No surgery required
  • Little to no down time
  • Lower risk than surgery
  • More affordable than surgery

In most cases Plexr is like such a lunch time procedure, the client is able to get back to work right after the Plexr. In some specific cases such as Plexr Blepharoplasty, it needs 1 or 2 days of downtime.

The Results should last as long as they would with invasive surgery. The Results can last you years depending on the area treated. The positive effects of treatment will be noticeable immediately after the first treatment, but the best Results will be seen after weeks. 

In most cases only one, but for deeper wrinkles and deep folds or scars a second more localised procedure may be of further benefit depending on patient’s expectations to obtain an optimum results. Expected outcomes will be discussed with the nurse practitioner at consultation.

Right away. When we are doing the procedure you can immediately see the skin contract and shrink as the solid skin turns immediate to a gas. The patient will really see the benefits by the time the skin’ crust is completely peeled and will continue to see results for up to six months with new collagen regeneration that “plumps” up the skin. Within thirty days there will be near optimum results.

Plasma treatment with the Plexr has been proven safe for the eye area and any part of the face, neck, body or hands. It can be used on most parts of the skin that shows signs of sun damage, ageing or skin laxity, excess skin or wrinkles.

Erythema (redness of skin): the treated areas have a distinctive brown crusting caused by the sublimation process. This crusting falls away and is shed to reveal new skin which can be red in places as it increased blood flow due to the growth of the superficial tissue and collagen. It will gradually fade during the first few days.

Inflammation (swelling): Treatment with the Plexr system presents a minimal amount of swelling that can last for first few days.

Hyper-pigmentation (tanning): This is presented after the third day of the procedure but then begins to shed and reveal younger healthy looking skin. A personal interview and clinical examination will be conducted to obtain relevant facts about your medical and dermatological history, and any medications you are currently taking or have taken in the past.

Infection and viral risks: Each Patient is assessed at consultation by the practitioner and may be given antiviral and antibiotics prescription to combat these risks.

Discomfort and Pain: Prior to treatment patients will have topical anaesthetic cream applied to the target areas which will significant lower the level of discomfort. Over the counter painkiller can be taken prior to treatment for those requiring further reassurance.


  1. Swelling, scabs and redness are part of normal skin renewal. These effects last on average from 7 to 20 days depending on the treatment performed. It is recommended:

    • To wash the part with neutral Marseille solid soap, both in the morning and in the evening
    • To avoid exposure to sunlight and cover the part with 50+ SPF foundation until the redness disappears to avoid hyperchromia (darker spots).
    • Do not remove the crusts for any reason, which must fall independently in order to avoid depressions and irregularities of the skin.

    In darker-skin subjects such discolorations may occur more likely.

    In those fair-skinned and with sensitive skin, the redness may persist longer. In both cases ask the doctor how to accelerate the restoration of the normal color, which will return to normal even without treatments after a maximum of 4 months.aging treatments.


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