Setiba Medical Spa offers Prp Hair Restoration treatment in Westlake Village, CA great for both men and women.

PRP Hair Restoration treatment consists of using a patient’s own blood plasma to stimulate new hair growth. PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) is the innovative, non-surgical procedure that is commonly used for hair loss therapy. Hair growth injections are usually given in the process of hair regrowth treatment. PRP hair treatment process involves drawing a patient’s blood and then spinning it in a centrifuge to separate the plasma from the remaining blood. This enriched blood is then injected into the scalp or treatment area which stimulates stem cells in hair follicle growth.

Hair restoration treatment is done by giving scalp injections for hair growth. Here’s what you need to know about PRP Hair Restoration: Safe and Effective for all skin types Enhance Growth of Active Hair Follicles. Stimulate Growth of Inactive Hair Follicles. Reduces the Appearance of Hair Loss. Minimal pain or discomfort. Nonsurgical Procedure with Little to No Downtime.


PRP is injected into the scalp using a special micro-needle to enhance hair growth by stimulating dominant follicles. Each injection leaves a small amount of plasma close to the hair follicles that are stimulated by the growth factors and stem cells, thus producing higher quality hair and growth. Setiba offers PRP Therapy for Hair Loss in Atlanta and Warner Robins. The treatment can also be used in combination with hair transplant procedures such as Low Light Lasers, Laser Caps, and more.

Minor discomfort is reported when the injections are made, but these are done with a very fine needle to minimize any pain. We also have numbing agents available for all patients.

Most patients start noticing the benefits around two to three months after their first treatment. We recommend three to four sessions for the best results, with a gap of four weeks between each session.

PRP Therapy is a natural procedure that doesn’t use any foreign materials or animal derivatives. Research shows that PRP obtained from a patient’s blood is safe, with a very minimal risk of complications and/or allergic reactions. As the platelets are obtained from the patient’s own blood, there is no risk of disease transmission through transfusion or the risk of rejection. You should, however, seek out a board-certified physician’s office. Even though a nurse may perform the treatment, the physician should be on the premises to see you before and after your treatment.

Sometimes, the patient may experience minimal swelling, bruising, or redness during the first twelve to twenty-four hours. Mild bruising can occur at the needle site, which may be visible for two or three days. There is no risk of infection as the treatment is antimicrobial.

Yes, for the right candidates, PRP Hair Loss Treatment can be very effective at both slowing hair loss, and stimulating the dormant hair follicles to begin producing strong, thick, healthy, hair again.

However, there are many causes of hair loss. While PRP hair loss treatment has proven effective on most types of hair loss, At Setiba we will examine you to determine if PRP, or another hair loss treatment is right for your specific type of hair loss.

PRP Hair Loss Treatments are non-surgical and minimally invasive, so there is no downtime. Patients can resume their regular activities immediately after treatment, including driving or even going back to work.

However, patients should avoid strenuous exercise or other exertion for about 24 hours. And, of course, direct sunlight on the scalp should be avoided after treatment.


Laser Hair Removal Pre & Post Care Instructions

Before Your Laser Hair Removal Procedure:

  • Please shave the entire area you desire treated within 24 hours of your planned treatment. 
  • Use a broad spectrum SPF 30 (or greater) sunblock before AND after your treatments. Please try to avoid natural tanning anytime within 2-3 weeks before your session.
  • Avoid exfoliating agents like Retin-A, AHA/BHA, acne medication or any irritating or drying products for 3 days prior to each treatment or as advised by Dr. Tareen.
  • Please notify Tareen Dermatology of any changes in topical or oral prescription medications, as they may have an effect on the ability to safely or effectively provide treatment.
  • You may bring makeup or concealer to re-apply on facial areas or to cover redness post-treatment. 

After Your Laser Hair Removal Procedure:

Immediately after your treatment there likely will be some slight redness, swelling around the hair follicles and mild discomfort similar to a sunburn. You may use aloe gel or cool packs may be applied.

  • You may also notice during and immediately after your session the smell of burned hairs. This is normal and will subside with cleansing.
  • Do not rub, or pick the treated area. Do not use any loofahs or abrasive scrubs for at least 3 days or until any redness and sensitivity subsides.
  • Avoid strenuous sports activities or hot water/ saunas/ Jacuzzi for up to 24 hours after treatment to minimize irritation and prolonged redness.
  • If a crusting or blistering develops apply Vaseline or ointment twice daily, to keep the area moist until healed and contact our office if the area shows signs of worsening condition.
  • Continue to use broad-spectrum SPF 30, or higher, for the duration of your treatments.

Scheduling Your Next Treatment:

  • After your treatment, the hair may appear to grow for up to the next few weeks. This is simply the treated hair being shed from the follicle, and is not new growth. Once the hair has fully shed you may be hair free for a few days, up to a few weeks leading up to your next treatment.
  • Shaving is recommended between sessions and is recommended the day prior to your next appointment to minimize discomfort. If they areas is not cleanly shaved, we may not be able to treat.
  • Your session typically is scheduled in 4 weeks for facial areas, 6 to 8 weeks for other areas of the body.

Adhering to this scheduled is important to ensure success of the treatments. 

    • Electrolysis, waxing, threading, tweezing or sugaring is to be avoided between sessions. Shaving or trimming of hair may be resumed normally during the duration of treatment. 


Just check out these before and after images. By enhancing your already beautiful features, we empower you to be your best self and promise a side serving of complements.

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