At Setiba Medical Spa we offer double chin removal in Westlake Village. The only FDA-approved kybella injections that destroys fat cells in the treatment area under the chin to improve your profile.

Kybella double chin treatment is administered as a series of injections to the treatment area under the chin, destroying fat cells and producing gradual Results. Everyone’s chin profile is different, so your certified Kybella tech will tailor treatment to you. The number of treatment sessions will vary based on the amount of fat under the chin and your treatment goals.


It takes a minimum of 2 treatments to appreciate any results. Most patients will achieve their desired results within 3 months after their 3rd or 4th treatment though up to 6 treatments may be administered. Treatments are performed 4 to 8 weeks apart. It is possible that you will not see improvement despite multiple treatments due to your underlying anatomy, skin tone or other factors.

What’s amazing about the Kybella treatment is the fact that for most of our patients, the procedure only needs to be done once or twice, and this is for those who have moderate to severe submental fullness already. However, as the need of our patients varies, treatments can be up to six times administered a month or more apart.

Each treatment will be administered by one of our board-certified doctors in the Setiba Aesthetics Group in order to ensure the wanted Results of our patients as well as their safety. By locating Kybella Near me you can get it done anytime you like. Results may already be visible within the month after the first injection, however, as we have already shared above, some patients require more than one procedure in order to get the required outcome.

The patient will be advised to take over-the-counter pain medication an hour before the scheduled treatment. Topical anesthesia will also be applied thirty minutes before the treatment itself. This will help you in how to lose double chin. A local anesthetic is also included in the injectable. All these procedures are done in order to lessen the pain and discomfort that the patient might experience in relation to the treatment.

The improvement in the submental area is very long lasting and retreatment is not expected. Normal aging changes in the skin and other tissues of the neck will continue to occur, however. Though the treated fat cells are removed and replaced by collagen, a small amount is left behind. If you gain a great deal of weight, the remaining fat cells may expand giving a full appearance.

All patients should expect swelling in the treated area. This is more pronounced when treating the submental area, but less dramatic when treating jowls. This is most dramatic in the first 3 days after the first procedure. Subsequent treatments generally result in significantly less swelling. Swelling will steadily decrease but may still be noticeable at a month post-treatment. Tenderness, discomfort, and numbness in the treated area is very common and can last weeks. Redness and firmness in the area are also common. Bruising is possible and will generally resolve in a week.


After your Kybella injections it is normal to have some swelling, pinpoint bleeding and bruising underneath the chin. Due to the numbing cream applied for your procedure you will still feel number for another 1-2 hours after your procedure. Please be sure to follow our post procedure instructions in order to minimize swelling, bruising and decrease downtime.

Ice, Ice, Ice
Use a small bag of frozen pees in a sandwich bag or crushed ice to gently ice the area. No heavy ice bags. Ice for 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off. Continue the icing for 48 hours if possible.

Minimize Strenuous Exercise
We recommend no strenuous exercise for 48 hours in order to reduce swelling and bruising.

Do not manipulate or massage or rub or poke the area.
Do not massage or manipulate the treated area which will be quite swollen after Kybella injections. You may shower and wash your face with gentle cleanser. Avoid facials, chemical peels or laser treatments on the treated area for 14 days.

Use make-up and concealer to cover up bruises.
You can use makeup, moisturizers and sunscreen the next day after your injections to cover up any bruising.

Take Arnica supplements
Arnica supplements can quickly help reduce appearance of bruises.

Sleep with head propped up on 2-3 pillows
For the first 2-3 days sleeping with your head propped up on 2-3 pillows can help minimize swelling under the chin area. Swelling should begin to improve after about 48 hours.

Eat pineapples and drink pineapple juice
Pineapples have an natural anti-inflammatory properties to them that help to minimize swelling after injections.

Do not evaluate the results of the treatment until weeks after swelling has gone down and fat cells have begun to melt
The first few days after your treatment the treated area will be swollen, it will take weeks before the the fat melt results with start to be noticeable. We recommend not over-evaluating results until completing your course of treatment.

Take Tylenol for Pain
It is normal to experience some pain and sensitivity in the area of the injection. Most patients find that Tylenol can help relieve this post-injection pain. Avoid NSAIDs such as Motrin and ibuprofen as these can make swelling and bruising worse.


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