Is It Possible To Change Your Face Shape?

It’s not uncommon to feel self-conscious about the shape of your face. Whether you have a round, square, or oval face shape, it can be difficult to know what is best for you. But are there any ways to change your face shape? The answer might surprise you! 

In this post, we’ll explore some of the methods people use when they want their faces to look different.

Your face shape, which you may think is out of your control because it’s difficult to change bone structure with cosmetic surgery and spot-reduce facial fat without a healthy lifestyle change. But modern injectables help minimally invasive reshaping that makes the impossible possible.

Lower Face

An increased masseter muscle can cause your square jaw to become more pronounced. Fortunately, the solution for this problem is as simple as using BOTOX®, which could give you a slimmer appearance in just minutes!

The key? Simply get rid of that excess bulk by injecting some Botox® into those muscles with an easy treatment process – you’ll have it done and look good in no time at all.

We all have that pesky fat under our chin, which we often try to hide with a scarf or makeup. If you’re tired of hiding your jowls and want them gone for good, consider Kybella®. This injectable treatment destroys unwanted fat cells in the jawline area and improves definition around the neck region.

Cheeks and Chin

Fillers offer a way to address flat or poorly defined features, such as the nose. They are an excellent way to give the illusion of a more prominent bone structure and create symmetry in your face with different areas like cheeks, chin, and forehead filled out nicely.

You can have a higher, more angular look with cheek fillers or you could achieve projection and definition by injecting chin filler. Whatever your goal is dermal injectables may help make it happen!

Eyebrows and Temples

As we age, our brow bone starts to become less prominent. As a result of this decline in bone height and prominence, it can often cause one’s eyebrows to appear droopy or irritated as if they are constantly scowling. Thankfully there is an easy solution for those who want more youthful-looking eyes: the BOTOX® Brow Lift! This procedure elevates your eyebrow with just 4 injections.

The temple is a sensitive area on the face. It can become more prominent and longer with age, resulting in an elongated appearance that makes you look older than your true age. Dermal fillers are often used to restore lost volume for rounder and younger-looking temples.

Non-Surgical Face Reshaping in California

Setiba Medical Spa is a leading provider of non-invasive cosmetic procedures. We offer treatments that are safe, effective, and affordable. Our team of skilled professionals will help you find the best treatment to suit your needs and budget.

Looking to get a face makeover without going under the knife? Call Setiba Medical Spa at 805-703-0000 for your free consultation and we’ll provide you with all of our noninvasive alternatives.

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