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Revitalizing your skin has never been easier! Say hello to the new era of anti-aging  treatment- the Skin Revitalizing Plant Cell Technology, now available at Setiba Medical Spa. 

Skin revitalizing plant cell technology is an emerging technology that uses plant stem cells  and extracts in anti-aging skin rejuvenation. Treatment is popular in medspas and aesthetic  clinics because of its tremendous outcomes, such as increased collagen regeneration and  lesser downtime. 

Skin revitalizing complex involves using exosomes that provide quicker results while  instantly stopping inflammation, redness, and swelling. The exosome treatment plan at Setiba  Medical Spa includes 11 days treatment protocol with three different exosome serums  containing D|TOX, EXO|E, and RE|PAIR.  

The treatment has received tremendous praise from our clients, who have seen firsthand the  transformative power of the Skin Revitalizing Complex. Stay between the line to know how  these serums work to get you the most replenished and glowing skin with no side effects and  downtime.  


Setiba Medical Spa introduces cutting-edge technology in skin revitalizing – Plant Cell  Technology. D|TOX serums are a part of the exosome skin revitalizing system, where the  serum application process is simple yet effective. It involves preparing the skin with a gentle  cleanser and then applying the serum, massaging it onto the face and neck twice daily for five  days. Serum works by hydrating and preparing skin for further aesthetic treatments.  


EXO|E serum is a vital component of skin-revitalizing plant cell technology. This innovative  serum is formulated by revolutionary plant stem cell technology that provides a range of 

benefits to the skin. With its unique blend of antioxidants, amino acids, and vitamins, EXO|E  serum can help boost the skin’s natural defense against environmental stressors and promote  a more youthful and radiant complexion. 

After the skin is cleansed, a small amount of EXO|E serum is applied in circular motions. The  serum is then left to absorb into the skin, which takes just a few moments. Regularly using  EXO|E serum makes skin appear rejuvenated, brighter, and more toned due to a boost in  collagen production.  

EXO|E serum is necessary for anyone seeking powerful anti-aging and skin-revitalizing  treatments. 


RE|PAIR serum is integral to Skin Revitalizing Plant Cell Technology, a game changing innovation in aesthetics and skin care. Your aesthetician at Setiba Medical Spa will  provide home-use RE| PAIR serum with post-care instructions to follow. Serum is advised to  apply twice daily for five days after the treatment. What sets RE|PAIR apart is its ten additional  applications of the full complement of stem cell factors found in nature’s vital processes. Ten  after-procedure applications of RE| PAIR serums instantly boost the regeneration of collagen,  elastin, and hyaluronic acid.  


Skin revitalizing plant cell technology is the latest aesthetics and skin care innovation. At Setiba Medical Spa, under the supervision of Founder and CEO Emilia Zarei, we believe that  enhancing an individual’s skin health is crucial to achieving overall wellness. This is why we  incorporate this technology as treatment into our aesthetic clinic. The benefits of this technology are listed as under; 

▪ Skin revitalizing complex pairs up with other rejuvenating treatments to enhance anti aging outcomes. 

▪ Treatment is effective with little to no downtime. 

▪ Recovery after the treatment is 3x faster than other skin rejuvenation treatments.

▪ The treatment provides 10x increased collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid  stimulation.  

▪ The treatment introduces fifteen billion exosomes and over 2000 active stem cell  secretory factors under one application. 

▪ Treatment is made for all skin types. 

Experience the future of skincare and entrust your skin to the experts at Setiba Medical Spa Westlake Village, CA 91362. With Skin Revitalizing Plant Cell Technology at your fingertips,  you can now flaunt fresh and replenished skin!  

Try it out now and see for yourself!

For further information on possibilities Setiba Medical Spa offers for effective use of skin  revitalizing plant cells complex, book your initial consultation by calling or texting +1 805- 703-0000.

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