What is IV Infusion Therapy + Benefits

It’s more important than ever to stay healthy and support your immune system any way you can. Staying hydrated, eating healthy, working out and getting enough sleep are a few ways to support your body and immune system. So if you’re looking for additional ways to care for your body, you may want to consider IV Infusion TherapyIV Nutrient Infusion or Intravenous Therapy is a therapy that “delivers fluids directly into a vein”. Etymologically, intravenous translates to “inside the vein”. With this procedure, medicine or nutrients can be sent directly to one’s veins through a cannula or tube so that it can support the body in a variety of ways.

Overall, people may receive Intravenous Therapy for various reasons. This includes blood transfusions, medications, nutrition, or fluids. If someone is severely dehydrated, they may need additional fluids immediately and opt for IV infusion. The same goes for those who need medication, blood transfusions, and even chemotherapy. IV therapy is helpful for many because it is considered the “fastest way to deliver medications, blood products, and more to the bloodstream to help with various health conditions” (Cambridge Health).

Medical Spas including Setiba Medical Spa also offer IV Nutrient Infusion. At our medical spa, “people who suffer from stress, anxiety, leaky gut syndrome, gastritis, bacterial or fungal overgrowth are the common clients at our skincare clinic”. This treatment can boost one’s energy levels by rehydrating and restoring the internal and external glow. It can also boost one’s immune system, prevent aching musicals, migraines, and colds. The additional supplement directly to your veins can offer natural pain relief and can eliminate stress in the body.

Popular IV Infusions and Vitamin Injectables

  • Classic Myers: this combination includes B12, B-complex, and Vitamin C. Together the effects and Results are anti-aging, immunity-boosting, rejuvenating.
  • Methylcobalamin or B-12 is a vitamin that is wonderful for boosting energy and the immune system.
  • Vitamin D is also crucial for the immune system and helps protect against cancers including breast, colon, and prostate cancers. Many take Vitamin D to treat anxiety, depression, and more.
  • Vitamin B Complex: You may be familiar with this collection of Vitamin B in supplements. They aid in fatigue, nausea, and migraines.
  • Glutathione: This antioxidant is wonderful for the skin. It can reduce skin discoloration and dehydration.
  • Adrenal Recharge: this injection includes both Vitamin B Complex, B-12, and Vitamin C. Together these nutrients help support adrenal gland health while improving stamina.
  • Fat Blaster: The fat blaster injection uses lipo-B plus L- Carnitine to push fat from the cell. It can support weight loss “by an additional pound per week” along with your current weight loss regimen.
  • L-Carnitine: This is a metabolite that exists in each cell. It helps with metabolism and managing weight.

Check out our full list of Injectables at our MedSpa in Westlake Village.

The benefits of IV Infusion Therapy are endless. From managing weight to immunity-boosting solutions, Intravenous Therapy can offer quick relief and support. In terms of the procedure, IV treatment is similar to getting blood drawn. Instead, nutrients are going into the body. Many experience a warm feeling in their groin or belly due to the magnesium along with a vitamin taste in the mouth. These reactions are completely normal. We recommend speaking to your medical professional if you are seeking chemotherapy or blood infusions. For nutrient or vitamin injectables, feel free to contact our medical spa.

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